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Media: ink, tempera, oil paint scanned and exported to HD video on a LED monitor in a wooden box and large-scale oil paintings on linen.

The Watchers (2021-25) is a series of animated and oil paintings that immerse viewers in the Land of the Twins, a realm inspired by Beninese folklore and Vodou spirituality. The art explores the mysterious Marassa Jumeaux, celestial twins who embody a unique blend of divine power and human vulnerability, and operate under the principles of "Love, Truth, and Justice."

This series explores the intricate nature of the Marassa Jumeaux, who transcend traditional dualities and stand as symbols of Haiti's philosophical richness, embracing paradox and contradiction. With its vivid imagery and intricate symbolism, The Watchers invites you on a journey to reconsider spirituality, duality, and the balance between divine and human realms.

Hermafrodek Op. 1 No. 2 (2022)

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