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Media: gold leaf, ink, acrylic, water-soluble polyvinyl acetate emulsion, wax with colored pigments, black markers, crayons, watercolor, egg tempera, oil on handmade paper, wood panels, and celluloid film.

Passepartout: Afrolandscape (2019–ongoing) is a dynamic series blending traditional drawing and digital techniques to create intricate narratives around personal memories, history, and cultural artifacts. This evolving work invites viewers into a complex dialogue on themes like global racial identity, migration, and social dislocation. Rather than offering clear answers, the series provokes thought and encourages an interactive engagement with the multifaceted realities of today's world. Through the lens of both personal and collective memory, Passepartout: Afrolandscape explores the layers that shape our understanding of history and identity. Engage with this series to challenge your perspectives and delve into the complexities of human experience.

Hermafrodek Op. 1 No. 2 (2022)

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