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Media: screen print, rabbit skin glue, synthetic water-soluble polyvinyl acetate emulsion, dry paint pigment for both the egg tempera, encaustic and oil paint.

Blingblingguninthebaggie (2013) is a mixed-media series that reexamines the impact of Blaxploitation films on Caribbean and African communities. Featuring modern avatars Queen Nappy and YoYo Yolanda, the project challenges historic stereotypes like Sapphire and Jezebel. Utilizing painting, photography, and printmaking, the series creates a vivid dialogue between Caribbean, African, and African-American cultures. It also delves into Hip Hop aesthetics, examining cultural signifiers like "bling" and "baggie." The project invites viewers to explore layers of history, gender, and culture, sparking dialogue on stereotypes and perceptions.

Hermafrodek Op. 1 No. 2 (2022)

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